Tuesday, July 6, 2010


*Small Loves:

-Amaretto Coffee Creamer

-A husband who wakes up 10 minutes earlier so he can get dressed and then come back to bed to cuddle and talk to me without interruption.

-A good sing a long song. Bonus points if it's about beer or farmer's daughters. Cows milk more when you sing to them. At least I think so.

-Being caught up on laundry for once.

-Sateen sheets. Not quite wrinkly cotton. Not too slippery satin. Just right. Especially when clean.

-Twin neice and nephew who at almost 2 know the joy in licking mixer beaters.

-Ranger rides. Call me Ken Schrader. My country block is a NASCAR track come 8pm. At least when it's my turn to drive. When it's The Husband's, we're on a crop tour Sunday driver style.

*Small Dislikes:

-So much for sale priced coffee beans. Tar in a cup to greet me every morning. One more week and they should be gone.

-My healthy, ambitious, amazing, looks half her age mother-in-law needs 12 weeks of chemo. She'll come through just fine, no doubt, but it's hard to watch in the meantime.

-Our ceiling vents came with no screws. We improvised by using black screws. It's obvious. Must find paint.

-Tuna fish. Can't get past the smell.

-Mayo, Miracle Whip or anything of the sort. It's a texture thing.

-Tuna salad. (Refer to previous if necessary).

-Nice beautiful, sunny 80 degree days ruined by 90% humidity. Refer to Midwest in July.

What little things bring a smile to your face? I'm off to find smiles in my barn. Enjoy your day!

List Form!

*I love the outlet blogging/journaling/writing provides for me. Stress relief internet style. No scribble outs or hoping the husband doesn't see the rant list I made of his annoying habits. He may find my journal in my not so secret drawer. He may leave his hair from shaving all over the counter. He doesn't "do" the internet though.(I kid. I kid. If I was making a list of his bad habits, I'd be sure to ask him what they are first! Don't want to forget any.)

*It's been awhile since I've updated and I miss it immensely.

*I usually love to write lengthy entries about living life, but I've been living life lately.

*As of today this blog is taking a new format. I will update once a week. Maybe twice. No stress. No pressure.

*I will be writing in list format about various topics, thoughts and life observations. I'm silly and lighthearted. I'm also passionate and serious. Sometimes I manage the biggest crises better than the smallest issue. All in a day's work for me. There's a great deal I love and a great deal I need to learn to love or at the very least understand about life. We'll see what develops.

*I've intentionally deleted most of my old posts so we can start over completely fresh.

*Thanks for hanging in there with me on my long hiatus.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Left on the Gravel

The phrase, "Left on the Gravel" appears in the directions to my house 3 times. 4 if you take the long way around. I live way out in the sticks after all, and 3.5 years later I still love every minute of it, so long as you erase 2009 from the clock of life.

Anyone who read my previous blog or knows us, knows 2009 brought us many challenges. David and I were a little bit right of where we wanted to be, a whole lot left of sideways and apparently dead center of where God thought we should be.

2009 left us wondering, left us looking for answers and left us to pick up the pieces. It's been said we had to experience 2009 to strengthen our marriage and prove just what we were made of. All of which is probably true and deep down I believe it. At the same time however, I could list a hundred other things I would have rather done to strengthen my marriage. Hell, give us a bottle of wine and a game of Scrabble, and we'll prove the strength of our marriage on any Sunday afternoon.

All of that said, life moves on and we have to go with it before we're left behind. Four left turns make a right and here's HOPING 2010 finally has us back where we need to be, reveling in the small moments, celebrating the joy, working hard and the "just being us" that comes with and can only be found "Left on the Gravel."

So welcome to my life at "Left on the Gravel."

What I choose to write about is any one's guess. Blame it on a 2009 that left us believing you can't always have rhyme or reason. It's random that makes the world go 'round. Blame it on my constantly spinning mind. Blame it on a job that keeps me on my toes and provides great writing material. I just prefer to blame it on too much coffee.